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Bulldozer work Shaheen Bagh AAP leader Wajid Khan says BJP wants riots in this area

Municipal authority bulldozers have arrived at Shaheen Bagh district of the capital, Delhi, to clear the encroachment and the high voltage drama has begun. A large number of people stood on the highway and stood in front of bulldozers. Meanwhile, a large number of troops were deployed to drive out the people. The police department is trying to convince people that no action will be taken except to remove the infringement. But the atmosphere heated up and Aam Adami local council member Wajid Khan accused the BJP of plotting the riots.

Speaking to the media, Wajid Khan said that this main road is subject to people with disabilities. It is called Route No. 13a. The BJP has not done anything for development here but after postponing the elections, it is done in the name of removing encroachments to bring out the politics. The leader of the Adami Public Party, Wajid Khan, said BJP leaders wanted riots in Shaheen Bagh. A Adami public party, MLA Amanatullah Khan, also arrived at the site and opposed the dredging procedure. Presently, the Police Department is busy keeping leaders and people away from the site.

Mubasher: The bulldozer started moving amid violent protests in Shaheen Bagh, and the force spread

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MCD officials said people have kept the structure out of their purview, and it will be removed. On the one hand, a large crowd gathered, and on the other hand the bulldozer began to do its work amid the speed of the police department. MCD has previously issued a removal notice of the infringement. But there has also been ongoing political rhetoric about this. On the other hand, there is talk of creating a BJP system, while the Adami public party has been accused of targeting the property of a particular community.

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