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CAA to be implemented after Covid wave ends Mamata Dede wants to sneak: Federal Home Minister Amit Shah in Siliguri

Federal Home Minister Amit Shah said that once the wave of Covid is over, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) will be implemented. Home Minister Amit Shah said this while addressing a crowd in Siliguri, West Bengal. Responding to the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Amit Shah said that TMC was spreading rumors about the Civil Aviation Act that it would not be implemented on the ground.

Amit Shah said, ‘TMC is spreading rumors about CAA that it will not be implemented on the ground, but I would say we will implement CAA on the ground, as soon as the wave of Covid is over… .

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Amit Shah further said that Chief Minister of West Bengal has always misled the Gurkha people. Only the BJP is interested in their interests. He said I want to thank the people of Bengal for having helped increase the number of BJP MLAs in the assembly from three to 77. It will continue to fight the atrocities committed by the TMC.

Federal Home Minister Amit Shah arrived in West Bengal on Thursday for a two-day visit. This is the first visit of a Federal Home Minister to West Bengal after the assembly elections held in the state in 2021. Amit Shah had arrived at Kolkata airport on Thursday morning, where he was greeted by BJP senior leader Shobindu Adhikari and Federal Minister of State for Home Affairs Nishith Pramanik and BJP unit chief Sukanta Majumdar.

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