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Captain Hardik Pandya at IPL 2022 is compared to Captain Cole Mahendra Singh Dhoni and here’s why

Winning the IPL title is important to any captain and the feat in his first season as a captain shows how good captain Hardik Pandya can be. Hardik himself has said many times that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made his mark in his career and he has learned a lot from Mahi Bhai. On several occasions during the IPL 2022, it was seen how amazing Hardek was as a captain. Even as Shubman Gill snatched a six win in the IPL 2022 final, Hardyk’s face didn’t show extra excitement. He looked completely calm, as Donnie had seen him during his walk.

Hardik Pandya is the new “Captain Cool”

Hardek was seen lovingly saving the IPL trophy as if a father was pampering his child. His wife, Natasha Hardek, hugged him as if to assure him that the family who had stood behind him in bad times would be with him in the same way in good days. “I live on the love I get from my family,” said Hardek, who led the Gujarat Titans to victory in the final with his all-around performance.

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Wearing a dazzling jacket and diamond earrings, Hardek looked like a charming young man in his early days, but his journey from a quiet young man to a responsible commander tells the story of his vitality. His wife Natasha, daughter Agastia, brothers Kronal and Vaibhav, sister-in-law Pankhuri were like his shield.

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“My strength is my family”

Hardyk said, “Natasha is very emotional and I am very happy to see me doing well. He has seen a lot of ups and downs in my career and knows how hard I work. He said: My family has been my strength. My brother Kronal, his sister Pankuri, another brother Vibhav. All this gave me peace of mind. Even in difficult times. When I called, brother and sister-in-law cried. It was tears of joy. I know that as long as these people stay behind me, I can play well.

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Leading the team from the front

When Hardik, who was as great a captain as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, became the captain of the Gujarat Titans, cricket pundits considered the team out of the race even before they even took to the field. But Hardick did not give up and drove from the front, scoring 487 throws and taking eight wickets. He said, “I have always enjoyed being responsible. I like to lead from the front so I can set an example.

My next goal is to win the World Cup for India

He said, “If I expect anything from the team, then I must first play accordingly so as to set an example for others.” In his six-year international career, Hardek played in the 2017 Champions Cup Final and reached the T20 World Cup 2016 semi-finals, ODI World Cup 2019. He will return to the series’ blue jersey against South Africa on June 9 and aim for the World Cup title.

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