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Cases of monkeypox in America also rose in Spain to 14 cases – International News in Hindi

There is some relief being felt by the slowdown in the coronavirus around the world, but in the meantime, monkeypox has raised concerns. It was also reported that 6 patients of this infectious disease were found in America. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 6 people are being monitored by him. It is feared that they will contract monkeypox. According to a CNN report, these people traveled on the trip with a person suffering from monkeypox. Earlier this month, these people went to Britain from Nigeria. During that time the affected person was sitting near them.

It is rare to find this disease in humans, but in the past few countries, there has been an uproar due to the emergence of cases in many countries. The first case was found in the United States this year in a Massachusetts man who had returned from a trip to Canada. The virus usually affects young people. They are mostly found in mice and monkeys. Experts believe that it was through them that this disease was transmitted to humans. Aside from America, two cases of this virus have been found in Canada. Apart from this, 17 suspects are being investigated.

After Corona, the danger of “monkeypox” began to loom, learn the symptoms and treat them

Apart from this, there is talk of monkeypox in Australia as well. At present, the 40-year-old has been investigated and is awaiting test results. He had returned to Sydney at some point and was examined after it was found that he had symptoms of monkeypox. At the same time, the French Ministry of Health also said that a suspected case had been found in Paris. Most of the devastation was seen in Spain. Here the number of people infected with monkeypox quickly rose to 14. All those infected are young people.

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