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Chandaoli Incident Killed Didi and Hanged Police Officers’ Accounts of Police Abuses Seen in Pictures

Don’t kill sir Diddy, she’s married. Why do we kill, what have we done? We kept screaming, but the policemen and men were beating them. This means that in Manrajpur village of Chandaoli, his younger sister Gonga was an eyewitness to the death of Nisha, the eldest daughter of Kanhaya Yadav, accused of Law Gonda. Tell Gunja the cops said you’re a fool’s daughter, we’ll pick you up. The policemen allegedly killed Didi and hanged her. On Sunday, the police raided Kanhia’s house, killing Kanhia’s eldest daughter, while the youngest daughter was injured.

In a conversation with Hindustan on Monday, Gonga said that when the police came, we were the only two sisters in the house. The police arrived around 4.30pm in several cars. She and her older sister were on the balcony when the cops entered the house. They both heard a loud sound of the door opening, and they both went down the stairs. A number of policemen, numbering between 30 and 35, were at the front. When we asked the police why they came, one of them said – You are the daughter of a fool. You’ll pick up people from here and take them away.

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Eighteen policemen were crushed
Gonja alleged that eight to ten policemen and policemen beat her with sticks. When the sister tried to escape, she also hit her. They kept appealing to the cops that Diddy is married, don’t kill her but she didn’t agree. Didi was shouting gonja, call someone from outside, they will kill us all.

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Lock me in a room
Gunja accused the police of beating them and stopping them in a room. Some policemen went to another room with a chair. When I got to that room after the cops had left, I saw Diddy hanging from the sari. This was done by the cops to show the murder as a suicide. Gunja said the cops didn’t tell anything, they were just saying I will pick up people who abuse you. The cops also said they would demolish your house, and you would bring people on the road. However, Gonja did not answer who brought the body from the gallows. Nisha Yadav was supposed to marry in June. However, the date has not yet been set. The whole family was busy preparing for the wedding.

Pictures of poverty stories appear on mobile phones
The brother showed the media through photos taken with a mobile phone how the policemen dealt with Nisha. It was evident in the photos that there were marks of beatings on Nisha’s neck, all over the back and legs. His fingers turned black. However, the police said only a slight scratch in the throat. Police say the cause of death cannot be confirmed in the autopsy report.

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