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Char Dham Yatra registration suspended until June 03, full booking kedarnath badrinath gangotri yamunotri

Bookings for Chardham Darshan including Kedanath-Badrinath until June 3rd are now complete. No registration will be allowed for any AED before 3 June. In the event of an emergency, the limited logging by the police has been completely stopped. Those interested in traveling can check the boxes for further booking on the Tourism Department portal.

People can register for this date only after the green light appears. Strict action will be taken against those who travel and perform Chardham Yatra with the help of fake registration. The government has directed the police to take strict action in this regard. Besides, an appeal has been made to people across the country to register for Chardham only through the Tourism Department portal and app.

Apart from this, registration cannot be done from any other website. Tourism Minister Dilip Golkar told reporters at the Tourism Directorate on Saturday that there were reports of some pilgrims coming during the Chardham Yatra with fake registrations, and strict action was requested against violators.

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He said that along with those who do so, action will also be taken against those who cooperate with the internet officer and other people. Goalkar said that registration for Chardham Yatra can only be done through Department of Tourism portal and mobile application. Apart from this, if anyone claims to register from any other website, it is completely wrong.

So far, he said, about 80 cases of fake registration have been reported to the police, and besides preventing these people from moving forward, interrogation is also taking place. She said that no passengers would be allowed to travel without registration.

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Chardham Yatra plan by October
The Tourism Minister said that people usually plan for the Chardham Yatra before the monsoons. But Chardham lasts until October. In such a situation, people are advised that instead of planning a trip now, they can plan for the months of June, July, August, September and October. So far, he said, 70 percent of passengers have had darshan in the first 45 days. But our endeavor is for people to come for Chardham Darshan during the whole trip.

Scanning the QR code of the registration certificate is mandatory
The Tourism Minister said that in view of the fraud, the police were instructed to scan the QR code contained in the registration certificate of all passengers. He said that each vehicle will be scanned and the QR code of the registration certificate will be scanned for some random people sitting in it. For this, the police were asked to increase the order. He said the login ID has also been submitted to the police to scan the registration certificate QR code and other verification.

22 lakh people registered
So far, more than 22 lakh 50 thousand registrations of Chardham Yatra have been made in the state. Whereas in the 26 days after the start of the yatra, so far a total of 11 lakh travelers have visited 45 thousand passengers. He said people who have booked hotels and helicopters but are not registered with Chardham will not be allowed to visit Chardham. He said that an average of fifty thousand pilgrims visit Sherdam every day.

Emphasis on the cruelty of horses and mules
Goalkar said that after the death cases of horse mules in Kedarnath and Yamunotri, the local administration has been instructed to take strict action against those who commit cruelty to animals. He said that the horse mule tokens for Kedarnath will now be offered from Guptkashi. He said 400 horses and mules had also been removed from Yamunotri.

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