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China criticizes America for declaring India’s borders with China, the supreme leader of the United States

China is angry at the statement of a senior US military officer who visited India. US General Charles A. Flynn said China is building near the Latin American and Caribbean region, which is a wake-up call for India. Now China has responded by saying that America is trying to set fire to the two countries.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, Beijing and New Delhi can work together to find a solution to the problem. We will find a solution through dialogue. He said that America does not want a solution to this, which is why it is trying to set fire to two regions in the Himalayas. “We hope that US military officials will not point a finger like this in the future and cooperate in bringing peace to the region,” he said.

The two-year-old dispute over East Ladakh is now on its way to being resolved, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said. Disengagement was made in most areas of the western section and the forces were withdrawn. Gradually the situation is improving.

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Let’s report that while speaking to the media in New Delhi, Flynn said the way China is building on Latin America and the Caribbean is a great one. The way China is conducting activities in driving the Western theater could be a wake-up call. It also raised questions about China’s intention. Let us inform that since May 2020, India and China are face to face in East Ladakh region. The situation had worsened after the bloody conflict in Wadi Galwan.

In the past, it was also learned that China is building a second bridge in Pangong Lake so that the army can be easily dispatched. Apart from this, it is also making arrangements to accommodate 50,000 troops near the Indian border. Here the barracks are built.

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