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China said with India on the basis of the wheat export ban that criticizing India is wrong

Due to the rise in wheat prices, India imposed a ban on exports, and then there was a jump in prices in Europe. The supply of wheat was affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine, due to the rise in wheat prices. Now China is also showing up with India on this. Regarding the export ban, Chinese state media Global Times said it is our fault.

In fact, the G7 countries have criticized India for this ban on exports. China has said that the agriculture ministers of the G7 countries are demanding the lifting of the ban on wheat exports from India. Why don’t those same countries try to stabilize the food market? China said, India is the second largest wheat producing country in the world, but India has very little wheat reaching the world. Whereas countries like America, Canada, European Union and Australia used to export more. The question that arises is why these countries refused to export wheat?

The Chinese media openly sided with India and said why the country is trying to provide wheat to its people and trying to provide food to a large number of the population, why is it criticized. The Global Times added that the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia are the cause of this crisis. As a result of this, the price of food grains increased. If it is not taken care of in time, a large number of the world’s population will move towards poverty.

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China said blaming India would not end the food problem. It is undeniable that due to the halt in Indian wheat exports, wheat prices will rise slightly. But this is the ploy of Western countries. They want the developing countries to be blamed for rising wheat prices. While China advises developed countries to increase their production and reduce dependence on them.

China said India is also a big consumer country but has taken steps to deal with the food crisis. At the same time, the Chinese government has also tried to reform the food chain so that the post-Covid plight can be dealt with.

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