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Chinese President Xi Jinping calls on BRICS countries to help world cope with unrest – international news in Hindi

Describing BRICS as a positive, stimulating and constructive force, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Thursday that the G5 (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) has the potential to help stabilize international relations at such a time. Help when the world struggles with turmoil. During this time, he also developed the Global Security Initiative (GSI) to promote common security among all countries.

In a video speech at the opening session of the BRICS foreign ministers meeting, Xi said that at present, major changes and the impact of the epidemic are exacerbating, and factors of instability, uncertainty and insecurity in the international situation are increasing. The Minister of Foreign Affairs S. Jaishankar this meeting from the Indian side.

“Nevertheless, peace and development remain the theme of the unchanging age, the aspirations of the peoples of countries for a better life remain unchanged, and the historical mission of solidarity and mutually beneficial cooperation of the international community remains unchanged,” Xi said. China is the head of the BRICS group this year. The foreign ministers meeting was held via video link as part of the annual BRICS summit next month.

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As a positive, inspiring and constructive force in the international community, Xi said, the BRICS countries need to enhance confidence, resist storms and waves, promote peace and development, uphold justice and justice, and promote democracy and freedom. Real action is needed to advocate stability and positive energy in international relations at this time of turmoil and change.

He stressed that history and reality tell us that the pursuit of our safety at the expense of others will only lead to new tensions and risks. To promote common security in the world, he introduced the Global Security Initiative (GSI) at one point.

In the midst of Russia’s war against Ukraine and China’s growing fears with the United States with the Quartet (US, India, Japan, and Australia) and OCOs (US, UK, and Australia), Xi proposed a GSI in Boao in April of this year. It broadly states that states must respect the sovereignty of others as well as their security concerns.

China is a close ally of Moscow and has backed Russia’s attack on Ukraine, citing Russia’s security concerns about the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Likewise, China has been critical of the United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy that emphasizes freedom of navigation to counter global concerns about Beijing’s aggressive expansion in the disputed South China Sea as well as its provocative moves to annex Taiwan. China opposes the Quartet as well as the OCUS on the grounds that they aim to stifle development (China).

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