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Clean android phone low storage problem in just 5 steps Tips & Tricks – Tech news hindi

Our smartphones may be packed with features, but for it to function, it is very important to have RAM and storage in the device. Due to the lack of storage, our smartphone not only slows down, but we also receive notifications about it constantly. If your Android smartphone is also facing the same issue, we have come up with the solution for you. You can free up your phone storage with some easy tips.

1. Uninstall unnecessary apps
First of all, remove all the applications that you do not use from your smartphone. These apps not only store in your phone but also use data in vain.

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2. Delete the old audio file
Large audio files also take up storage space on your smartphone. Remove all audio files or songs that you don’t listen to from your phone. If you record all your phone calls, you can also delete the redundant recordings.

3. Check out photos and videos
Open your smartphone gallery or file manager and check your photos and videos. You will notice that there are a lot of photos and videos that are no longer usable. Delete unnecessary photos and videos.

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4. Use Google Photos
If you don’t want to delete your smartphone’s photos and videos, you can use Google Photos. This application is already present in all Android phones. You can save your photos and videos on this app. After that you can delete that data from the phone.

5. Free up Whatsapp storage
Many people have also been using WhatsApp for many years. As a result, huge data has been collected from WhatsApp in the phone. Open WhatsApp on the phone, go to Settings, tap on Storage and data and select the Manage Storage option. Here you will get the option to delete files that are larger than 5MB.

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