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CM Gehlot earned 2 crores at the souvenir and gift auction

The bulldozer, shard and mace of Rajasthan’s Chief Minister, Ashok Jahlot, and other gifts and souvenirs were auctioned today. 2 crore at auction. This auction amount will be deposited into the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. Congress President Govind Singh Dutasara, wife of CM Gihlot, Sunita Gilot and others attended the auction program held at the Prime Minister’s Residence. The auction was scheduled for May 3, CM Ashok Gehlot’s birthday, but due to the violence in Jodhpur, the auction was postponed. In this online auction, a sum of about Rs 2 crore was received in the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. The special thing is that in the program, along with the images of various deities in souvenirs, bulldozers and spinning wheels were also auctioned. The auction included the Ram Temple, the Golden Temple, the Hanuman Scepter, as well as the swords. All these souvenirs were auctioned from 25,000 rupees to 1 thousand rupees. Souvenirs were sold at a price of 1 lakh rupees with a maximum price of 11 lakh rupees.

2 crores found in online auction

Speaking to the media, Chief Minister Ashok Jahlot said that as Gandhi said all decisions should be taken after seeing the last person and this is a good sign that the merchandise has been auctioned for Rs 2 crore. CM Ashok Gehlot said it was our tradition that whenever any crisis occurred, whether it was the 1962 war or the 1965 war in my childhood, since that time people have been offering their help openly. Likewise, when an earthquake or tsunami-like disaster happened in Gujarat, he helped the people immensely through the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

Half a dozen ministers were present

CM Gehlot said that Rajasthan has been following an impressive tradition of private cooperation in times of disaster for years. Rajasthan has played a special role in times of disaster. CM said that by depositing the amount received in the auction into the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, a sound Rajasthan will be made. The program was also attended by CM Jhalot’s son Vibhav Jahlot, Education Minister PD Kalla, Public Works Minister Bhajan Lal Gatav, Minister Tikaram Jolly, Mahesh Joshi, Rajendra Gouda, Rajendra Yadav, Subhash Garg and Rajasthan Committee Chairman Haji Amin Kagi.

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