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CM Yogi is strict on gangster violence Kanpur will bulldozer miscreants

CM Yogi became very strict about violence during the visit of President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kanpur. CM Yogi has taken strict action against the accused. Preparations are underway to put the gangsters on the accused and operate the bulldozers. The property of the bastards will also be confiscated. So far, 18 people have been arrested after being arrested in the riots. Based on the video, efforts are being made to arrest others. Additional forces were sent to the area. 12 companies and one PAC platoon were dispatched.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi was fired at Kanpur’s Chakri Airport, CM Yogi Adityanath took the full details of the quarrel from Chief Secretary Durgashankar Mishra and DGP DS Chauhan here. The Prime Minister has instructed that action should be taken against the rioters in such a way that no suspect remains. Additional General Secretary Avnish Awasti summoned and asked him to know every moment and deal sternly with the quarrel.

The yogi told the DGP that after the rioters were identified, gang action should be taken against them, as well as strict oaths should be imposed. Yogi said that by confiscating the rioters’ property, they took action under Rasuka so that no one in the future would even think of provoking a quarrel.

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Prashant Kumar, assistant law and order public, said some people had tried to shut down shops in Kanpur. When he opposed that, clashes began. Stone-throwing was done on both sides. When the police tried to control the situation, they threw stones. Senior officials also arrived at the site and the situation was brought under control using the necessary force. An additional police force was sent there.

How is the situation in Kanpur, see the whole scene in pictures and videos

He said 12 companies had sent a PAC platoon. The miscreants are identified from the video footage. Strict action will be taken against violators. Everyone will be prosecuted under gang law and property will be confiscated. Bulldozers will also be run on rioters.

At the same time, according to the Kanpur Police Commissioner, two people were injured in the melee. 18 miscreants were arrested. All arrests are shown. The police took an aggressive stance and entered the narrow streets in full gear. A campaign of arrests was launched based on a video clip. Nowadays, silence reigns at the Yatimkhana junction, and there is a heavy police force on the streets.

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