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CM Yogi’s statement on World Population Day: There should be no population imbalance

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said increasing the population of the same caste would lead to chaos. There should be no population imbalance. CM Yogi said that in countries with high populations, demographic imbalance becomes a concern. Because there is an opposite effect on religious demography, then after a period of chaos chaos begins to be born. Therefore, with population stabilization efforts, all viewpoints on religion, class, and caste must be brought together equally.

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On the occasion of World Population Day, prior to this program organized at CM headquarters in Lucknow, Chief Minister Yogi announced an awareness walk, starting from the fortnight to bring about population stabilization. CM Yogi said that when it comes to family planning and population stabilization, we should also keep in mind that efforts to control populations must be successful, but that demographic imbalance should not arise anywhere. It should not happen that the speed of population increase of any one class is high and that the indigenous people, their populations must be controlled by stabilization, enforcement and awareness efforts.

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Chief Minister Yogi said Uttar Pradesh has achieved excellent results in the past five years. In maternal anemia, the day decreased from 51.1% to 45.9%. Full immunization increased from 51.1% to about 70% at 5 years. The institutional delivery rate that was 67-68% earlier will reach 84% today. Efforts to control maternal and child mortality have yielded good results. With the efforts of coordination and awareness among the departments, the state will surely succeed in achieving its goals.

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