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Comparison of Cheteshwar Pujara’s model during the England Tour and during the 5th Test in India vs England cricket

Cheteshwar Pujara, one of the hottest players of the Indian Test team was shown dropping out of the squad a few months ago but then he didn’t give up and instead walked the path of a solid comeback in the team. When Pujara went on the Tour of England in 2021, there could be a huge difference between Pujara then and now. Pujara is called the second wall of Team India but he has also been criticized several times for scoring goals at a slow pace and apart from this his morale has also dropped drastically due to the continued poor form.

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The last test match of the five-match series between India and England will be played from 1 July. The remaining four Test matches of the series were played in 2021. In fact, the fifth Test was scheduled at that time, but Kovid-19 cases were constantly increasing in the Indian camp, causing the series to be postponed midway through. India is currently leading 2-1 in this series. England would like to chart the series anyway, while India looks forward to a historic victory in the Test series in England.

Pujara’s numbers in the four test matches for 2021

In the first four Tests, Pujara scored 227 points in eight rounds, averaging 32.43, with only fifty out of his racket. Pujara scored 91 points in one round. For a batsman like Pujara, his under-35 average in four tests shows he has strayed from his rhythm.

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Pujara showed his strength in county cricket

When most of the Indian cricketers were participating in the IPL, Pojjara arrived in England to play cricket in Sussex County. Pujara scored a total of 624 points in seven runs with an average of 124.80. The way Poojara was seen hitting in the English case, Team India can cash in on her fifth Test as well. Pujara was dropped from Team India after failing the Test series at the Tour of South Africa, but this batsman is ready to prove himself once again.

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