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Congress of Rajasthan Mullah Ganesh Gogra has sent his resignation to Gowind Singh Dutasara after Ashok Ghlot government registered case

There was a conflict between Dungarpur MLA Ganesh Ghogra and the officials for not giving a lease for two days. The day before, after SDM, Tehsildar and other employees were locked up in Panchayat Bhawan, the administration had recorded a case of obstruction in the work of the MLA Congress and its supporters. Subsequently, the MLA Ganesh Gogra sent a letter of resignation from the MLA post to Prime Minister Ashok Gilot, Head of State Govind Singh Dutasra and Provincial Chief.

Youth Conference President and MLA Ganesh Ghogra provided this information by holding a press conference at Dungarpur Circuit House on Wednesday evening. He said that people are demanding and officials do what they want. People are not given pata though everyone’s signature.

In his resignation letter to the Prime Minister, the Gughur wrote, “I am a congressman of our National Liberation Army from Dungarpur. But it seems to me that even though I am in these situations my view is being ignored. Roundabout officers are not ready to listen to me. The loud voice of my people is suppressed. District. For this reason, I resign as MLA. However, he did not send a copy of the resignation to the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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Let us tell you that in Sadar Police Station, SDM Sanjay Sarpota has taken official action against 50-60 persons including MLA Ganesh Ghogra, Chief Kewalram, Sarpanch’s husband, Rajendra Kumar, Gokul Patidar, Prakash Patidar, Mohan Patidar and Mukesh Patidar , and Khemji, and Hurji, Dinesh, Gautam. A case of obstruction has been registered.

This incident was:

Indeed, in the follow-up camp of the campaign with the administration villages in Surpur Gram Panchayat on Tuesday evening, the Moroccan Liberation Army locked up officials in the Panchayat building and sat in our house.

In this regard, the movement alleged that some people are forcibly pressuring them to grant lease contracts illegally. However, Ghogra said Patwari, Girdawar and MLA had all been signed to Pattas’ requests which were in dispute. Even then, leases were not granted.

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