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Congress will run campaign to go in public says Rahul Gandhi in chintan shivir udaipur ad Rahul Gandhi

During the Chintan Shivir in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi urged the Congress to strengthen the relationship with the people. He said we should sit in the middle of the audience without thinking. They must understand what their problems are. Congress’s former relationship with the people must be restored. Rahul Gandhi said that people want and understand that only Congress can operate in the country. It can push the country forward. This is our responsibility.

gotta sweat
During this, Rahul Gandhi also made a grand proclamation regarding Congress. He said that the Congress will introduce Yatra in October and the relationship with the public will be strengthened. In short, we will not succeed. This work will be carried out by sweating. Rahul Gandhi said there is a clear direction in which we must walk among the public. Whether it is the youth, the peasant, or the weaker section. Not for a day or two, but for months, we have to go and live among the people.

Focus on communication
Besides, Rahul Gandhi also emphasized on communication. He said that the twenty-first century belongs to communications. We have to fix this skill, too. Interact with people in a new way. Meet as many guys as possible and join them in the party. As a BCC and leaders. Rahul said the elderly should not be abandoned. There should be a mix of young and old leaders by changing the DCC and BCC in committees. Good people should be chosen. These people must be common. The number of families in our party must be determined. There should be no five or six people from the same family in the posts.

This is my personal battle
The former president of Congress said we are a family. I’m talking here about every leader and worker in Congress. This is a family. I belong to your family. My fight against the ideology of RSS and BJP that is a threat to the country. The hate that these people spread and they spread violence. Against this I fight and I want to fight. This is the fight of my life. Rahul Gandhi said I am not ready to believe that so much hatred, anger and violence can spread in our beloved country. There are great powers against us. RSS, BJP Organization. We are not fighting a political party. We fight every enterprise in India. We are fighting the biggest affluence in India. Do not panic because this country believes in the truth. He said that this country is watching. The country understands.

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I didn’t take a single rupee
I want to tell you that I stand with you all my life and will fight with you, Rahul said. I am not afraid of these powers. I have not done any corruption in my life. Not a single rupee was taken from anyone. I did not take a penny from the mother of India. I am not afraid to tell the truth. He said I wanted to tell every worker in Congress. Together we will fight this battle. It will defeat the organization and ideology of the BJP and the RSS. Sometimes our top leaders and workers get a little depressed. It is a normal thing. Because fighting is not easy. A regional party cannot fight this battle because it is an ideological battle. The RSS ideology that is fighting a fight against Congress.

It is our responsibility not to let the country catch fire.
During this, Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP would also speak for the conference, not the regional party. Because they know that the regional party has its place. Because the ideology of the regional party does not exist. This is not even a political battle. This is a fight for the country and a fight to save the country. This battle has just begun. He said it would turn out that there would be a fire in India. The more these institutions break down the institutions, the more they cut off the dialogue between religion and sects. There will be fire. The job of Congress is to protect institutions. Only Congress can do this. No BJP and regional party. We never broke institutions. We never put congressmen into these institutions, Rahul said. The BJP and RSS have put their people into every institution. Our responsibility is that we do not allow shooting in the country. Go out in public and say you’re broken, a fight is done.

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