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Congressman Manish Tiwari said in support of Agneepath recruitment plan is a step in the right direction

Rajya Sabha Congress MP Manish Tiwari has justified the Agneepath recruitment scheme introduced by the Modi government at the centre. The leader of the conference said the new government’s Agnepath plan for the army was a “step in the right direction” given the radical change in modern warfare tactics. He said that in our time we need a mobile army, a youth army. You will have to spend more on technology and weapons and this cannot happen unless you have a huge army in the field. He said that if you have a large army, you should also spend more money on this aspect.

Congress is strongly opposed

Remarkably, the opposition intensified, on Thursday, its attack on the center because of the Agnibat scheme and demanded its withdrawal. Congress took a strong stand against the plan, saying that the plan “weakens the armed forces.” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to listen to the voices of unemployed youth and not “test their patience” by leading the youth to Agnipath.

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In an interview with NDTV, Manish Tiwari said the most important fact is that tactics of warfare have changed in the past decades. He said, “If you look at the security forces that are three decades old, you will feel the need for a mobile expeditionary force, which is based on technology, which has the latest weapons and is also young. So it is very much needed. An improvement in this situation.” The congressman said: Like it or not, the increased pension bill due to a Class A pension system spoils the mathematics of government.”

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But Manish Tiwari said the concern of the country’s youth was “legitimate”. He said the country’s armed forces “do not have an employment guarantee programme”. “However, the government should plan in accordance with the present circumstances so that the Agnivers will have employment opportunities in the paramilitary forces and the state police when they finish their four years of service,” said Congressman Rajya Sabha of Punjab.

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