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Court orders framing charges against Tahir Hussain and 5 others in Delhi riots case in 2020, said it’s a well-prepared conspiracy

The Delhi Court of First Instance has brought charges against 6 persons, including former Adami General Party Council member Tahir Hussain, in connection with the February 2020 riots in Delhi under sections such as criminal conspiracy and incitement to riot. While drafting the charges against the remaining defendants, including Taher Hussain, the court said that the preliminary investigation shows that Tahir Hussain was not only involved in the conspiracy to incite riots, but also had an important role in the riots.

Commenting on the hearing, the court said that from the facts that emerged in the preliminary investigation, it appears that Tahir Hussain orchestrated a plot to attack members of other sects. The court also said that stones and other weapons were deposited in Tahir Hussain’s home.

In the memorandum of charges filed in this case, the police said that during the riots in 2020, there was evidence of stones and other weapons from the house of former Adami Public Party Council member Tahir Hussain located in Khajuri. The police said in the indictment paper that Tahir Hussain was involved in attacking members of other communities and inciting riots, BJP attacking Adamic public party after court statements. Notably, when Tahir Hussain’s name appeared in the Delhi riots, the AAP MLA said Tahir Hussain was a Muslim, so he is being targeted.

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