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Cubot POCKET Retro Design 4 Inch Mini Smartphone Coming Soon to Launch in POCKET Series

If you are not looking for a phone with a large screen but that fits easily in the palm of the hand, is small in size and light in weight, then the upcoming phones from Cubot might be the best fit for you. In fact, Cubot is officially launching a new mini smartphone series under the Pocket brand. The first phone in the Pocket series is scheduled to make its official debut this month, that is, in May 2022.

The Cubot Pocket series is designed to improve the user experience of the smartphone. The company wanted to design a smartphone that could give you all the essential and interesting features of a 21st century phone, in a lightweight and compact design that could fit easily in the palm of your hand.

What’s special about the mini phone
The biggest advantage of every phone in the Pocket series is its small size i.e. 4 inch screen. In a market where brands are trying to expand their screen sizes, Cubot opted for the smaller smartphone design because it aims to provide portability and convenience for your phone without compromising on technology.

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And so with Pocket Series, you get a beautifully designed, lightweight, small phone that you can easily carry in your purse or pocket, unlike large phones that you need to keep close at hand at all times.

Cubot has yet to announce the specifications and pricing of the Pocket series, but we know for sure that it will be packed with all the essential and interesting features we need today, including NFC functionality.

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Many colors will be available in a small smartphone
As of now, we are not aware of the exact design and specifications of the phone, but from the first look at the images, we can guess that the brand will come with a retro look with the Pocket series. Cubot pocket phones will be available in colors such as black, pink, green, red and purple.

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