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Curfew imposed in Jodhpur, Rajasthan after Eid clash

And in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, a curfew has been imposed in many areas until tomorrow. This decision came in light of the tension that followed the protests on the occasion of Eid. There were reports that a curfew had been imposed in 10 police station areas. At the same time, Prime Minister Ashok Gilot called a meeting on the matter. Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of the Interior sought a report on the incident.

A curfew is imposed in these areas
As per the order issued by Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajkumar Chaudhry, curfew has been imposed in Udai Mandir, Sadar Kotwali, Sadar Bazar, Naguri Gate and Khanda Valsa in the police station area of ​​the eastern district of Jodhpur commission. In addition, curfews have been ordered in the police station areas of Pratapnagar, Pratapnagar Sadar, Devnagar, Sursagar and Sardarpura in the western region. It is stated in order that the curfew will continue in these areas from 1 pm today until midnight tomorrow. Accordingly, no one will leave the confines of his home without a letter of permission. Besides, it was also said that in view of the situation, the curfew period could also be extended. Earlier, Prime Minister Ashok Gilot had responded to the incident describing it as unfortunate. He also appealed to everyone to maintain peace.

Fear of controversy over raising the religious flag
Remarkably, there was a brawl Monday night at the city’s Galleries Gate junction. This controversy is believed to have occurred over the removal of religious science. After that internet service was suspended in the area until further orders. It is said about the incident that an argument over a small matter later turned into a fight. Controversy erupted Monday evening when the flag was hoisted over the statue of freedom fighter Bal Mukund Besa at the crossroads and Eid banners at the intersection junction. Other than that, the angry people gathered to install loudspeakers to the crossroads to perform the Eid prayer.


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