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Devendra Fadnavis as BJP Labor MP in Maharashtra Uneasy – India Indian News

After all the political turmoil in Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde has become the CM. The BJP has established its power here. But there is still a question whether the BJP made the right decision by making Devendra Fadnavis the deputy CM? Still all BJP workers in Maharashtra do not internalize this thing. Although he does not speak frankly in the name of party discipline and the orders of the high command. But upon seeing such a case of a BJP poster boy in Maharashtra, the average worker feels himself in trouble.

Big heart and wet eyes
Vadnavis may have accepted everything in the name of party discipline, but he internally regretted it too. According to the Times of India, an employee close to Vadnavis told that when he came home after taking the oath, his eyes were wet. Significantly, it was decided on Thursday afternoon that Iknath Shinde will be the head of the new government in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis announced that he is out of government. But suddenly there was a turn in the matter with the tweets of party chairman JP Nada and then Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The order came to make Vadnavis deputy prime minister. This decision surprised the general public as well as BJP workers. The news of Shinde becoming Prime Minister was shocking to him, but the news that made Vadnavis the deputy prime minister was doubly shocking.

CM to Deputy CM… Fadnavis was aware of every BJP plan; The oath was taken by order of Prime Minister Modi

Can you call them and tell them
A worker from south central Mumbai also admitted the double shock on Friday. According to the Times of India, this factor told that we were already in a state of shock due to the fact that Devendra Fadnavis will not be the Prime Minister. JP Nada and Amit Shah’s tweets added to our troubles. This factor said that there is no doubt about the decision of the senior leadership. Matters could have been settled according to the new alliance, but at least Vadnavis could have been told about this by making a call.

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