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Did Mamata Banerjee force the SS to give festive gifts of Rs 4,800 before Eid – Indian Indian news

An order from West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation has gone viral on social media. In this order, it is alleged that West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation has ordered the private organization Frontline Ex-Servicemen Bureau to provide a festive gift of Rs 4,800 before Eid to Muslim employees working under contract. It is clearly written in order that this gift should be given only to Muslim employees. These former frontline office staff are said to be working in the Tourism Development Department of West Bengal as a Tourism Development Officer and Tourism Supervisor.

Frontline Ex-Servicemen Bureau is a private organization run by a security agency in West Bengal. An internet search reveals that the Mamta government has given a license to the Front Line office of former soldiers to run a private security agency in the state. This license is in the name of Gajendra Kumar Swain and his wife, Manjuta Swain.

Not only this, before Eid, Mamta government announced giving bonuses to state government employees. The Mamta government has issued an order stating that as per the last fiscal year 2021-22, before March 31, all government employees with salaries below Rs 37,000 will be given a bonus. Mamta Sarkar also said that the Muslim staff would get the Busan first. The bonus for the rest of the employees will be given before Durga Puja.

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Significantly, the Mamata government has been accused of discriminating between Muslims and Hindus in the past. The BJP, the state’s main opposition party, has consistently accused the Mamta government of discrimination on religious grounds.

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