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Digambar kamat returns to Congress – India India News

Digambar Kamat, who was the victim of a suit on charges of anti-party activities in Goa, responded with retaliation. He said I could not understand how the crisis was going on in the party. He said today I watched Dinesh Gondu Rao’s video and was shocked. I was surprised to hear his words. If I had to do something like this, Kamat said, I had many opportunities in 2017 and 2022.

work honestly
Digambar Kamat also expressed his astonishment at the allegations leveled against him for his anti-party activities. He said I would face it. Kamat said the party should find out who is doing this. He said I worked with the party with utmost sincerity. Congress needs to reflect. The party constantly loses elections and the leaders leave it.

Congress escaped a split in Goa? 10 of the 11 MLAs who attended the party meeting
can form a government

Kamat said that when we got the absolute majority in 2017, I was with the party. Despite this, the party did not bother to ask me whether or not I could form a government. As a result, we lost this opportunity. Now her reward is given to me. These people are taking disqualification measures against me. Significantly, there were reports of a mutiny in the Goa Congress. Several MLAs in Congress were said to be preparing to join the BJP. After that, the party took action against Digambar Kamat and Michael Lobo.

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