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Digvijay Singh pushed the collar police officer Shivraj Singh and said this is the frustration of Congress

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan launched a massive attack on former Prime Minister and Grand Congress leader Digvijay Singh. Shivraj described the altercation between former Prime Minister Digvijay Singh and policemen outside the Panchayat district office in the capital, Bhopal.

CM Shivraj said, ‘Such inappropriate behavior does not suit any former Prime Minister. Police grabbed the officer’s collar, trying to break through the compound gate with a shove. Victory and defeat go on in democracy, but who gave you that right to hold on to the collar of a police officer?

Shivraj condemned
Shivraj further said I am amazed that someone after being prime minister for ten years gives such a reaction! This is the symbol of the wrath of Congress. He said: “If the ground slips and he assaults her, grab the collar, I condemn her severely.”

The image is spreading quickly
Let us tell you that the election of the Panchayat chief is underway in many districts including the capital, Bhopal. This election remains a matter of credibility for both parties. During this election, the Congressmen of the Panchayat District Office in Bhopal caused quite a stir. Digvijay Singh has also been involved in the hype. When the police tried to stop the congressmen, Dijvijay got into a fight with the cops. During this, Digvijay also caught the collar of a police officer. Her photo is now spreading on social media.

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