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dog bath ganga ghat har ki payi haridwar after kedarnath dog video viral

The image of the young man who arrived in Kedarnath with a dog, is now circulating in Haridwar with a dog in Harki Paidi. The Secretary General of the Shri Ganga Sabha is talking about taking action after the matter is investigated. Hindustan has not confirmed these viral images.
A young man based in Noida is famous on social media these days with his dog.

Recently, the viral video of the young dog Nawab worshiping Nandi in Kedarnath became the subject of controversy. A picture has gone viral of a young man with his dog bathing in the Ganges at Harki Paidi and performing prayers at the Malviya Ghat. Shri Ganga Sabha, General Secretary Tanmay Vashcht says the place where the young man bathes with the dog is not visible to the place of Brahmakund.

Further action will only be taken after the matter is investigated. Ujjwal Pandit associated with Teerth Purohit Samaj says this wrong thing has been done for cheap popularity. Pandit demanded that punitive measures be taken against the youth.

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Legislative claim
Co-National Spokesperson for All India Teerth Purohit Mahasabha, Avisit Raman, has called for crackdown on young people from the Badri Kedar Temple Committee, Harki Paidi’s management body, Sri Ganga Sabha and the Haridwar administration. Besides, the state government has been called upon to put in place rules and regulations to stop such incidents.

There was a dispute over the flow of dog bones
Five years ago, there was a row about Harki Padi over the flow of dog bones. Then the priest refused to pour the dog’s bone. After a dispute between the two, the police settled the matter. Even the worker had ordered the goods. But as soon as he learned of the dog’s bone flow, the feud came to a fight.

Social media discussion
After the photo spread, various types of comments appeared on social media about Nawab. Some comment on the dog’s long ride and some call Nawab all the best.

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