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Dr Raman said the situation similar to Maharashtra in Chhattisgarh, Dr Raman said, the same situation for all ministers started the rebellion – “Maharashtra’s situation is like the situation in Chhattisgarh”.

After the resignation of Chhattisgarh Minister Panchayat TS Singhdev, there was an earthquake in the state’s politics. The main opposition BJP party attacked Bhupesh Baghel. Former Prime Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that Singhdev is the second minister in the government. He is a minister who has helped bring the state government to this point. He played an important role as the head of the implementation of the popular manifesto, but today he is disappointed and frustrated. This situation is in all the ministers of Chhattisgarh. Everyone is angry. A situation like Maharashtra is created in Chhattisgarh. The government remained in disarray and all the people revolted.

Dr. Raman said that in any government, the minister in charge of managing the panchayats must say that the limits of Sabri have been crossed. I cannot hold this position. This means that the situation between the Prime Minister and the ministers in the government is not good. Dr. said. Raman The senior minister in the government had no right to work in his department. Nor was he granted the right of administrative approval for his department’s work. His department’s decisions were made without asking him. No information was provided to them either. Bhubesh Bagel government also operates on the lines of Maharashtra state government.

It was not allowed to build 8 lakh homes for the poor.
Dr. Raman Singh said that Singhdev gave the biggest reason for his resignation as promised in his statement. 8 lakh houses were to be built under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in the state, which Bhubesh Bagel did not allow to be built. An investment of 10,000 crores would have come in Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh suffered a loss of 10,000 crores. 8 lakh poor will get houses. There could have been happiness in the lives of the poor, but this could not happen, due to the disappointment of TS Singhdeo. They felt that they could not provide housing for the poor. For this, he blamed Prime Minister Bhubesh Bagel.

He also took away the right to administrative work
Dr. Raman said Singhdev highlighted the second issue in his resignation from his department’s work. Administrative approval is made for the ongoing works in his department. The Minister of that department has the right to approve it. But surprisingly, a committee of trustees was formed under the chairmanship of the first secretary to approve the administration of the Panchayats and Countryside. Right from TS Singhdev to approve schemes worth Rs 500 crore has been withdrawn. Disappointment is in TS Singhdev’s mind due to the unfinished business.

The PESA bill has been changed in the Cabinet
Dr. Raman said Singhdev had mentioned the Besa law in his resignation. Proposals relating to the law of occupation were changed to be presented in the Council of Ministers. In the draft that the ministry sent to the Cabinet, important points of water, forests and land were changed without taking them into account. Important promises were made in the Public Manifesto, and those promises were not kept. The Minister was not given the right to give administrative approval, nor could he donate money to the housing scheme. Project officers in his department were dismissed and reassigned. This is the status of all ministers in Chhattisgarh. The rest are angry in their minds. It will be explosive. What was the situation in Maharashtra? The government remained in disarray and all the people revolted.

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