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Drupadi Mormo said he was surprised that Mormo was elected to be the first chief of the tribal community

The former governor of Jharkhand state and tribal leader Drupadi Murmo will be the candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the upcoming presidential election. Party Chairman Jagat Prakash Neda announced his candidacy on Tuesday after a meeting of Parliament, the BJP’s highest policy-making body, on Tuesday. From a junior assistant in the Department of Irrigation and Energy in Odisha to his nomination as a BJP-led NDA presidential candidate, tribal leader Draupadi Murmu has gone through a long and difficult journey. If the Murmu is elected, he will be the first president of India who belongs to the tribal community.

Who is NDA Draupadi Murmu Presidential Candidate, BJP Double Hit With One Arrow

I am happy and surprised to announce the presidential candidate: Murmu

Ruling National Democratic Alliance presidential candidate Drupadi Murmo said on Tuesday that she hopes to have the support of MPs and MLAs from all parties in Odisha as she is a daughter of that state. Mormo, who traveled from tribal leader to governor, said she got information through television that she was ranked as the top candidate in the country by the National Democratic Rally.

“I am amazed and happy. As a tribal woman who hails from Mayorbang district, I never thought I would be a candidate for this position,” Murmo told reporters at his residence in Rayangpur. He said that the NDA government had demonstrated the BJP’s slogan “Sabka Vishwas” by electing tribal women.

BJD will be collaborating as Draupadi Murmu, and hints have already been given; NDA path will be very easy

Asked if he would get the support of Biju Janata Dal (BJD), Murmu said, “I hope to have the support of all MLAs and MPs in Odisha.” The BJD party has more than 2.8 percent of the vote in the electoral college for the presidential election. He said: I am the daughter of this country. Being Odia, I have the right to ask everyone to support me.”

Born in the Santhal community, Murmu began her political career as a member of Rairangpur Nagar Panchayat in 1997 and went on to become a minister in the BJD-BJP coalition government in 2000 and the first female governor of Jharkhand in 2015. Murmu, an MLA twice won the seat of Rairangpur, from her seat in 2009 when the BJD party broke its alliance with the BJP just weeks before the elections. The BJD party won a landslide victory in this election.

Draupadi Murmo will become the great president of the country…Prime Minister Modi said of the NDA candidate

Mormo said, “I did not anticipate this opportunity. I have not been involved in political programs for more than six years after I became governor of the neighboring state of Jharkhand. I hope everyone will support me.” After Draupadi’s candidacy was announced, an atmosphere of happiness prevailed in her hometown of Mayorbang. A large number of people congratulate him.

Meanwhile, BJP MP from Bargar Suresh Pujari said: “We are all very happy with the party’s decision to nominate a tribal woman for the presidential election. This is the first time a daughter from this land has been elected for the position.” Union Minister for Tribal Affairs said, Peseshwar Todo, “I am especially happy that Mormo belongs to the Lok Sabha constituency and my tribal community.”

After the opposition, the NDA also announced that the name of presidential candidate Draupadi Mormo is final.

Pride moment for Odisha: Patnaik

President Biju Janata Dal (BJD) and Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday expressed their delight at the nomination of Draupadi Murmu as the presidential candidate by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by the National Democratic Assembly, saying it was a source of pride for the people of her state. is the moment. Congratulating Murmu on his candidacy, Patnaik tweeted, “I am happy when Honorable Prime Minister @narendramodi ji discussed this with me. It really is a proud moment for the people of Odisha.” Patnaik said he is sure Murmu “will set a model for women’s empowerment in the country.” He made his candidate and this time by making a tribal leader a candidate for this position, he tried to get a message across in the community.

Making Draupadi Murmu presidential candidate would take tribal pride to new heights: Shah

Federal Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday hailed the decision to announce former Jharkhand Governor Drupadi Murmo as the NDA’s presidential candidate and said the move would elevate tribal pride to new heights. In a series of tweets, Shah said the announcement of Murmo’s candidacy for president reflects Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s firm determination for the well-being of women and tribes. He said, “Today is a very important moment for the country, when the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Assembly headed by JP Nada, announced Draupadi Murmo Ji as the presidential candidate.”

He said: “Whether it is about empowering women or restoring the pride of tribal identity under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the amount of work done in this direction in the past eight years has not been accomplished before. Today’s decision is a reflection of the same unwavering determination of Prime Minister Modi to The well-being of women and tribes.

Shah said, “Draupadi Murmu ji has created a unique identity in public life by spreading awareness about education in the tribal community and serving the public for a long time as a public representative. I wish her all the best in becoming a candidate for this honorable position and I am sure she will definitely win.”

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