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ECI takes progressive action against more than 2,100 unrecognized registered political parties – India India News

Ahead of the general elections scheduled for 2024, the Electoral Commission is preparing to take major action on 2,100 political parties. These will be the parties who have committed many wrongdoings including taxes. According to the rules, the annual audit was not carried out correctly. There are many parties that were not even able to give details of spending in the elections.

The Election Commission of India on Wednesday said it will take action against more than 2,100 unrecognized political parties (RUPPs) registered in the country for failing to comply with Sections 29A and 29C of the RP Act 1951.

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Political parties are required to provide details of electoral spending within 75 days of the end of the assembly elections and 90 days of the end of the Lok Sabha elections. There are 2,056 of these political parties out of more than 2,100 political parties that were unable to fill out the annual audit account. If no one provides the PAN information, no one will tell about the bank account.

Apart from this, there are many such parties who have not told the Election Commission where they got the donations from, how much property they have, and how much was spent. The Electoral Commission has put complete information about these parties on its website. A total of 100 political parties were included in the list not giving details of election spending.

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