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Edappadi Palaniswami Featured Political Developments AIADMK Tamil Nadu News – India Hindi News

Former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Edappadi Palaniswami has emerged as the new leader of AIADMK amid intense political developments in Tamil Nadu. A lot happened at AIADMK in a matter of hours, with O Panneerselvam being fired and the party headquarters closed by revenue officials. The names of veteran leaders like MG Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa are known to be associated with this party.

Palaniswami (EPS) was elected interim general secretary by council members shortly after the Madras High Court rejected the OPS’s appeal to stop the general council meeting on Monday.

The General Council expelled the OPS party from the main membership of the party for its participation in anti-party activities. Dindigul Srinivasan, who was the treasurer of the OPS party, was appointed. Senior leaders who supported him JCD Prabhakar, R Vaithilingam and PH Manoj Pandian have also been disqualified, but OPS’s son and MP Rabindranath will remain in the party.

Decision to hold organizational elections for a Secretary-General
At the meeting of the Executive Committee and the General Council, AIADMK issued a decision to abolish the position of Coordinator and Joint Coordinator. Both of these positions were occupied by O Panneerselvam and Palaniswami respectively. At the party meeting, it was decided to hold organizational elections within four months to officially elect the Secretary-General. It also amended several rules, including some new rules and prior permissions to challenge the election of a party general secretary. 16 proposals were accepted at the meeting.

The requirement to select one party leader has been met
This is the solution to the five-and-a-half year political battle between EPS and OPS in which EPS emerged as the most powerful person. Since June this year, several AIADMK leaders have demanded that EPS be chosen as the party’s sole leader, as the dual leadership model was said to be detrimental to the party.

Double driving caused a lot of trouble: EPS
After taking over as interim general secretary, EPS spoke to the OPS in the General Council about the power struggle. He said, “Because of the dual leadership, we had to face a lot of problems. Several leaders spoke to him several times to bring back the individual leadership in AIADMK, but he did not agree. OPS call themselves a 48-year-old cadre but so far he has not made any sacrifices to the party. “.

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