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eknath shinde and devendra fadnavis gujarat style wardrobe expansion

It has been three weeks since the swearing-in of Ekinat Shinde and Vadnavis, but so far the government has not been expanded. It is said that Gujarat style can be implemented in Maharashtra also and the leaders are cautious about it. There has been talk of giving top leaders like Ashish Shellar, Sudhir Mungantiwar, Girish Mahajan and Chandrakant Patel a stake in the cabinet. However, these leaders have not yet commented on their prospects. In fact, these leaders feel it is not right to say anything and it can harm their prospects.

There are also discussions in political circles in Maharashtra that the BJP leadership could apply the Gujarat style of government formation. In Gujarat, when Bhupendra Patel CM was appointed to replace Vijay Rupani last year, the entire cabinet was changed. Not all seniors including Vice CM Nitin Patel were given a place in it. It is said that a similar formula can be implemented in Maharashtra and instead of old faces, a place can be given to many new people. In such a situation, BJP veterans of Maharashtra understand the silence better and answer every question they say they are ready to take the responsibility that the party will bear.

Uddhav cursed Shinde hard

Party leaders eager to go to the cabinet remain silent. Be it the BJP or the Shiv Sena MLAs from the Shinde faction, they are all quiet. It is said that all leaders try to gauge the mood of the center. There is talk of applying the ‘Gujarat pattern’ of government expansion. It is said that even top leaders do not risk any chance. BJP leaders Sudhir Mungantiwar, Girish Mahajan, Ashish Shellar and Chandrakant Patel were ministers in the Fadnavis government. But none of them say publicly that we will become ministers.

The BJP leadership from Vadnavis was also surprised

Let us tell you that the leadership was also surprised by Devendra Fadnavis. Discussions about him becoming the prime minister were intense, but after meeting the governor, he said he would be out of the government and that Iknath Shinde would be the prime minister. However, after some time, after putting pressure on the party leadership, he spoke about accepting the position of Deputy Prime Minister. This is why all the leaders including Girish Mahajan, Ashish Shellar and Chandrakant Patel are not willing to take any risk and remain silent.

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