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Maharashtra State Policy: The high-voltage political drama continues in Maharashtra. In the latest development, Prime Minister Udav Thackeray left CM’s residence and went to his home “Matoshri”. There are many reasons for this political crisis in the country. However, another thing under discussion is that it is very difficult for people to access CM Thackeray. Ordinary people, far from MLAs and ministers in the government are eager to meet CM and talk on the phone.

According to the Economic Times, one AML congressman said, “Even though he was a secretary in the Army, he didn’t have personal access to the prime minister. The situation for lawmakers was worse. We’ve seen prime ministers have face-to-face meetings with MLAs. Opposition However, this is a rarity with current CM.

Uddhav followed the path of Father Pal Thackeray, who played a 3-decade-old card to reach Matushri

He said the ministers had no authority as there was a struggle between the three parties over resources. According to the report, a year ago a journalist received a call from someone who was looking for CM Thackeray’s number. The journalist was also shocked to see this, as the caller was a government minister in the government of Mahavikas Agade.

At the same time, problems for Shiv Sena MLAs increased due to overtime work of the NCP MLAs. Deputy Prime Minister Ajit Pawar used to be in Mantralaya almost every day from around 6.30am and used to hold meetings and clear files.

Understand the current situation of Maharashtra
Shiv Sena MLA Eknath Shinde has claimed to support more than 40 MLAs. There is also news that he has also declined the offer of the Prime Minister position. Now according to media reports, two more Shiv Sena MLAs will be joining Shinde. These include the name Mangesh Kudalkar from Kurla and Sada Sarvankar from Dadar.

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