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Election Vice President: Opposition candidate Margaret Alpha said don’t worry about election results, vote calculations can change at any time

Margaret Alpha, the joint opposition candidate for the vice presidential election, said she is not at all worried about the election results, amid growing disagreements between non-BJP parties and the numbers are not in their favour, and the math could change at any time. He said we can’t hold back by saying we don’t have enough numbers, so we won’t run in the election. As far as Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress is concerned, it has plenty of time to reconsider.

With less than two weeks to go until the vice presidential election, she said in an interview with PTI that Mamata Banerjee has enough time to reconsider her Trinamool Congress party’s decision to abstain. Alpha said, ‘When I look around, I get very scared. You can’t eat what you want. You can’t wear what you want. You can’t say what you want. You can’t even meet the people you want to meet. which hour?’ Alpha will begin its campaign to elect a vice president on Monday by meeting representatives from various parties in the central hall of the parliament building.

We have a different approach than the government

Asked why the Electoral College was clearly against the opposition, Alfa said: “Since the numbers are not in our favour, should the elections not be contested?” I think that in a democracy, win or lose, you have to accept the challenge and make your point before the representatives who are now part of the Electoral College. We have a different approach from government and we need people working on a common platform to accept the challenge.

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Surprised by Mamata’s decision, she is my friend

Alpha said, “Opposition parties approached me to be their candidate in this election. Although I settled in Bangalore, I realized that this challenge must be met and said yes. We all understand that victory and defeat are part of the elections. On the other hand, regarding Mamta Banerjee’s decision, He said I am shocked by this announcement. Mamata Banerjee is leading the campaign to unite the opposition. She has been my friend for many years and I think she has had enough time to change her mind.

There is no personal motive behind the elections

Asked about the motivation behind running for the presidency despite being aware of the potential repercussions, Alpha said: “I have no personal motive. Opposition parties wanted a candidate who would be acceptable to everyone. That is why he asked me to be his candidate. Although the numbers are not in favor of the opposition in the For now, I have said yes and accepted the challenge.

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