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Even Sri Lanka’s Worst Crisis Can’t Relieve 85 Years of Percy Episekera Cricket Madness

Even Sri Lanka’s Worst Crisis Can’t Relieve 85 Years of Percy Episekera Cricket Madness

Cricket junkie Percy Abesekara has been a frequent presence in Sri Lanka’s matches since his first Test against England in 1982. Even the worst financial crisis in the country did not take him away from cricket. He is affectionately called “Uncle Percy” and is often seen on the field with Sri Lankan players.

Sri Lankan cricket authorities are still allowed to escort the team with the flag after every match, with 85-year-old Percy Apiskara. Whether the team wins or loses. He goes to the stadium as an ardent fan of his national team. Even as captain of New Zealand, Martin Crowe gave him the Man of the Match award and he went into the locker room.

He was in Galle earlier this month when hundreds of protesters scaled the walls of the old fort during the second Test against Australia to demand the removal of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The host country is grappling with its worst economic crisis since independence, as essential commodities, including fuel and medicine, cannot be purchased without foreign currency.

An angry mob in Colombo forced the president to flee his home and after a few days he traveled abroad before tendering his resignation. Percy Abiskara said of this entire episode, “Our team is doing better than the politicians in Sri Lanka. No politician can match these cricketers. They are not politicians, they are crazy. I hate politics.” ”

Abasekara was twice invited to join the Sri Lanka Cricket Board, but turned down the position. “There are three things I don’t like in the whole world,” he said, “one of which is politics, the second is the management of cricket, and the third is birth control.” Their son Garfield and Sachin’s children are named after Gary Sobers of the West Indies and Sachin Tendulkar of India.

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