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Facebook to stop nearby friends along with weather alerts, location history and background location from May 31 this year

Many unique and useful features of Facebook will soon be closed. In fact, the Facebook Nearby Friends feature that allows people to share their current location with other Facebook users will no longer be available from May 31 this year. According to user reports on social media platforms, the company has started notifying users of the shutdown of Nearby Friends and other location-based features. The Nearby Friends function allows users to track the location of their friends in real time. Once enabled, this feature notifies users when their friends are near their current location. Besides nearby friends, Facebook also turns off weather alerts, location history, and background location.

The company said this on Twitter
According to several user posts on Twitter, Facebook reportedly announced the closing of the Friends Nearby feature through a notification on the Facebook app. In a notification sent to users, the company said that the feature, which helps users see friends who are nearby or on the go, will not be available from May 31, 2022.

All these features will be turned off
Other location-based functions including weather alerts, location history, and background location are also missing from the platform. The company has given users until August 1 this year to download their data, including location history. Then it will be removed. However, Facebook made it clear that it will continue to collect users’ location information for “other experiences.”

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Nearby Friends feature appeared in 2014
Facebook started rolling out the Nearby Friends feature on both iOS and Android in 2014. The optional function shows friends who are nearby or on the go. Once you turn on Nearby Friends, you’ll be notified when friends are nearby, so you can call and meet them. In addition, you can see when your friends are traveling and know which city they are in.

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