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Farouk Abdullah says and I build Ghar Rakhna on the scheme of Har Ghar Teranga in Jammu and Kashmir

National Congress leader and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah made a ridiculous statement. In response to a question about the tricolor in every home, Farouk replied in the Kashmiri language. He said – Keep it in your house. The controversy deepened after Farouk’s statement. The BJP’s national general secretary, CT Ravi, said Farooq had been branded a traitor and demanded his imprisonment.

Farooq Abdullah’s absurd statement in Srinagar and Jammu and Kashmir has sparked new controversy. In response to journalists’ questions, Farouk angrily uttered insulting words on the three colors. A reporter asked him what he would like to say about the ‘Har Ghar Tricolor’ campaign underway in Jammu and Kashmir. In response, Farouk said: “Bani Keri you.” Farooq replied in Kashmiri. Which means in Hindi – to keep your home.

In fact, the Jammu and Kashmir Rural Department has issued an order appealing for the success of the Har Ghar Teranga campaign. This video of Farouk is increasingly spreading on social media. People convey their anger at Farouk’s statement.

The BJP demanded that he be put in jail
The BJP called Farooq Abdullah’s statement absurd. BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi shared his video in a tweet and wrote: ‘This traitor Farooq Abdullah deserves to be jailed for life. How dare this Pakistani puppet speak in a derogatory manner about our national flag?

And what did Farouk say?
Speaking to reporters, Farouk expressed his best wishes to the people on Eid and asked them to stay safe and take care of their health. On Yashwant Sinha, the presidential candidate from the UPA government, he said he is coming to Jammu and Kashmir on July 9, after which he will hold a press conference.

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