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Fir on Adir Ranjan Chaudhry in Madhya Pradesh after commenting on Parliament Speaker Draupadi Murmo

Fir in Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in Madhya Pradesh: FIR has been registered against Congress leader Adir Ranjan Chaudhry in Madhya Pradesh. Opposition leader in the Lok Sabha Adir Ranjan Choudhury used the word ‘patriotic wife’. After this remark, the BJP strongly opposed him in Parliament. After the protest, Adir Ranjan Chaudhry said he is ready to apologize to President Draupadi Murmo.

It was said that BJP workers had filed a complaint against Congress leader Adir Ranjan Chaudhry. In this, it was pointed out that insulting words were said about President Draupadi Mormo. A case has been registered in this regard in Dendori. A case has been registered against Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury under Section 153B, 505(2) of the Indian Penal Code.

In some media reports, the tribal leader and national minister of the BJP Umprakash Dorf was said to have complained. Earlier in Madhya Pradesh, BJP workers in Bhopal and other districts organized a walk in protest against the statements of Adir Ranjan Chaudhry.

Let us tell you that there was quite a bit of a ruckus during the proceedings at Thursday’s monsoon session. BJP leaders made a fuss over the word Congressman Adir Ranjan Chaudhry used for President Draupadi Mormo. Deputies of the ruling party demanded an apology Adir Ranjan. An Iranian BJP MP Smriti withdrew Sonia Gandhi’s name and also demanded an apology from her. It was necessary to postpone the procedures of the House of Representatives amid great fanfare.

Congress leader Adir Ranjan Chaudhry was cornered when he called President Draupadi Mormo the “national wife”. He has sought time from House Speaker Om Birla to explain this statement in the Lok Sabha. Let us tell you that earlier Sonia Gandhi had a meeting with all the top leaders of Congress at Parliament House on this matter. After this meeting, Adir Ranjan wrote a letter to the speaker. Adir Ranjan Chowdhury has spoken about his apology.

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