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Former Vice President Hamid Al-Ansari talks about the statement of Prophet Muhammad Nupur Sharma – India India News – Prophet Muhammad: Former Vice President Hamid Al-Ansari said

There has been hype in the whole world about the controversial remarks on the Prophet Muhammad. At the same time, people from different regions of India give their views on this matter. The former Vice President of the State Hamid Al-Ansari spoke about this issue. Al-Ansari said that Islamic countries opposed this statement, and India was satisfied with issuing a statement that is not enough.

Let us be informed that Nupur Sharma, BJP spokesperson, made controversial statements regarding Prophet Muhammad during a discussion in the Gyanvapi case. Her video clip started going viral on social media. Later, while retweeting the same video, BJP media official Delhi Navin Jindal also commented. After these statements, Muslim countries expressed their objection.

What did Hamid Ansari say?
Former Vice President and former diplomat Hamid Ansari said it was not enough to issue a statement on behalf of the embassy. It should have been dealt with at a strategic and political level. He said that although action was taken against the BJP spokesperson, no one would say the matter was dealt with in a timely manner. He said that the Prime Minister had not said anything in this regard so far. You don’t need to tell them what to say and what not to say.

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