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Germany will invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G7 summit to isolate Russia – International News in Hindi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Germany and will meet during this time with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Apart from commercial relations, strategic issues will be discussed in this meeting. But the important thing is that the German chancellor can invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the G7 meeting as a special guest. This meeting will take place from 26 to 28 June. It is believed that this is an attempt by Germany to form a major international alliance against Russia. This time Germany will hold a meeting of the presidency of the Group of Seven industrialized countries.

The leaders of Indonesia, South Africa and Senegal will also attend this meeting. An invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Germany could be announced soon. A few days ago, there were reports that Germany was in a quandary over whether to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a guest to the G7 summit. The Bloomberg report claimed that even after the attack on Ukraine, Germany was reluctant to invite India after not condemning Russia and importing oil from it. However, sources in the German government denied such reports.

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Why Germany wants closer relations with India

It is said that some people in the German government had such an opinion. But Olaf Schultz believes India is the world’s largest democracy and could be instrumental in isolating Russia. Apart from this, Olaf Schulz wants India-Germany relations to be strengthened in the field of climate change and defense sector. The German government wants relations with India to be strengthened in the next few years. Germany also wants to maintain close ties with India and boost business, especially to isolate Russia.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Olaf Schulz today

A meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Olaf Scholz is scheduled for Monday. In this period, people traveling from India to Germany can be considered to relax visa rules. Apart from this, there will also be talk of technology transfer to India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also meet the Indian community during this time. Upon his arrival in Germany, the Indian community was warmly received by the people.

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