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Getting a job after getting rejected 39 times at Google Great story of this htgp viral man

People work hard to get jobs all over the world, on the other hand, employees also work hard to complete their work. Apart from this, people also change companies for promotion. But imagine a person being rejected 39 times by the same company and then finally getting their job at the same company for the 40th time, it would be shocking. One of these cases came from America.

In fact, this case is from San Francisco, USA. According to media reports, this person’s name is Tyler Cohen. This person has been specified that they must do a job at Google once, no matter what happens. That is why he sent his request, but it was rejected. He felt it didn’t happen the first time, now it will happen the next time. But this still did not happen. Despite being rejected over and over again, he kept applying in Google.

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Surprisingly, not once or twice, the person was rejected 39 times. But after being rejected each time, keep applying again. In the end, after applying for the 40th time, Google accepted his application and his final selection was made. Google hired him. Not only that, the person also shared a screenshot of the emails he sent to Google on his social media.

It turns out that the person first applied in August 2019 to Google. After that he was constantly sending his order but he was disappointed. When he came forward for the 39th time on May 11, 2022, he was still disappointed. He finally applied for the 40th time on July 19. This time Google gave him the job.

The story of this person is spread all over the world. When a person provided this information on their social media post, people started responding to it a lot. Not only that, Google itself has also commented on this. Google Books What a trip it was! In fact, it must have only been for a while. On the other hand, this person says that there is a fine line between stubbornness and insanity. I’m trying to figure out which one I have.

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