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Gianvapi case: Shree Kashi Karwat temple Mahant Ganesh Shankar Shivling described as a fountain he resigned

An issue came to the fore ahead of Monday’s hearing on the Gianfabe case. Mahant Ganesh Shankar Upadhyay of the Shri Kashi Karvat temple, who described Shivling as a fountain, resigned. Mahant said the wrong interview was conducted against him, and because of her he made that decision after being hurt.

After resigning from the position, Ganesh Shankar Upadhyay handed over responsibility for Mahant’s position to his younger brother and told that he had become a victim of a vicious cycle, which resulted in the relinquishment of Mahant’s position. In fact, a few days ago, Ganesh Shankar Upadhyay said in a statement to a TV channel that the shivling-like shape found in the survey of the Gianvapi Mosque is not a shivelling, but a fountain. He said we saw her from a young age. Been there hundreds of times.

The video of Mahant’s statement has been covered in social media. When the video surfaced, those who told Shiffling seemed furious, while those who say Fountain are demanding that Mahant’s statement from Kashi Karwat Temple be presented in court as evidence.

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The hearing of the Gianfabe case will be held on Monday
What is in the videos and photos recorded during the court commissioner’s proceedings in the Gianvapi Mosque case will be revealed on Monday, May 30. A copy will be delivered to both parties on the same day. It was due to be delivered on Friday, but it could not be delivered for technical reasons. In the meantime, the possibility of their misuse has also been raised. Both parties applied to the district judge and District Court judge regarding this matter.

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