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Giriraj Singh says on Jodhpur stone throwing violence at Hindus should become a tradition – India India News

Union Minister Giriraj Singh commented on the Eid violence in Jodhpur. Attacking the Rajasthan government, he said that apart from the festival, it had become a custom to attack Hindus with stones. Giriraj Singh said: “Whether the festival is for Hindus or for them…it has become a norm to attack Hindus with stones. If the government is secular like Rajasthan, its performance becomes brighter. Had the same incident happened in Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh, the cure would have been done by now, but here the stones are being thrown by the Rajasthan government itself.

Controversy began over the placement of a religious flag at Balmukund Bissa Chowk, located at Jalori Gate in Jodhpur. In fact, the people of the minority had placed the Islamic flag on the statue of the freedom fighter Balmukund Besa. This was opposed by some members of the Hindu sect, which led to an escalation of controversy. He claimed that the saffron flag which was put up in memory of Lord Parashuram’s birth has been replaced by an Islamic flag. Thereafter, members of the two communities came face-to-face in large numbers and violent clashes began.

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Jagendra Shekhawat said – After all why did the situation deteriorate after Namaz

Five policemen were injured in stone throwing. The police had to use tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. Mobile internet services have been suspended to avoid further spoiling the atmosphere due to rumours. Not only that, after the Eid prayer on Tuesday, the atmosphere deteriorated again and many houses were exposed to stones. After these incidents, a curfew was imposed in 10 police stations in the city. Apart from this, CM Ashok Gehlot appealed to the people to keep the peace. Notably, Union Minister Jagendra Singh Shekhawat, who is from Rajasthan, has also attacked the state government. He said that what happened after the prayer was the outbreak of violence and the throwing of stones at the homes of some people.


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