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Protests by armed forces candidates against the Agnipath Center’s new military recruitment scheme escalated in many parts of the country. Incidents of violence were reported from over 10 states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Telangana, West Bengal and Rajasthan. On Friday, one person also died in Telangana Secunderabad in agitating against the scheme. Although the central government has raised the age limit from 17 and a half to 21 to a maximum of 23, the requirement for four years of conscription into military service is in turmoil among young people across the country. Several trains were set on fire in Bihar. In Aligarh, protesters set fire to a police station and set a police officer’s car on fire. The issue of incitement to violence on social media also surfaced in Kanpur. Internet service has been suspended in some areas of Bihar and Haryana. And the security services alerted the center to the great danger. In the midst of all this, the Air Force announced the enlistment, and then the Army chief said to issue the two-day notice.

Rajnath Singh will hold a meeting with senior army officers amid violence in Agnipath, selection process to begin next week

Internet cut in 12 districts of Bihar and Mahendragarh in Haryana
In order to stop the violence against Agnipath scheme, the governments of Bihar and Haryana have instructed to shut down the internet. Internet will remain shut down in 12 districts of Bihar and Mahindaragarh district of Haryana. In Bihar, these instructions apply for 48 hours and in Haryana for 24 hours. Section 144 was enforced in the Gurugram.

Agencies alerted states
And the security services received information about a conspiracy and an attack, amid violence spread in 13 states. After that, the central government became alert. Besides, states have been instructed to be on alert.

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Dangerous sections on miscreants in UP
Yogi Adityanath’s government in UP has instructed to crack down on those spreading violence on the road. The Yogi government will enforce many serious divisions, including attempted murder, against the miscreants until strict action can be taken against them.

260 miscreants in 13 districts arrested in arson, vandalized during anti-Agnipath protest in UP

Fire in several trains, more than 300 . damaged
Railway officials said protesters have set fire to buses of at least seven trains so far. He said that buses for three moving trains on the Eastern Central Railway and set an empty fire in Kulhariya in the same area were damaged by protesters. The railways said more than 300 trains were affected, while another 200 were canceled due to opposition to the plan.

Attack on the home of Deputy Prime Minister in Bihar
The home of Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi in ​​Pitya district was attacked by protesters earlier today. She then came out in support of Agnipath’s scheme and accused the opposition parties of “misleading the students” and said her fools were destroying public property.

20 trains were canceled, 10 of which were of short duration due to Agnipath’s protest; Rajdhani, Tejas and Sampoorna Kranti . canceled

Air Force announces recruitment
Amid ongoing protests over the Agneepath plan, IAF Chief Air Marshal VR Chowdhury said the Indian Air Force would begin the selection process under the new model on June 24. Earlier, Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said that the first soldiers in the army will start training at the recruitment centers by the end of this year.

One person was killed in a shooting in Secunderabad
Metro rail services have been temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure amid protests in the Telangana capital, Hyderabad. A person was killed at Secunderabad railway station in a shooting by police for crowd control. “The General Police of Railways were forced to open fire on the crowd after they fired tear gas shells and shipped latex,” a senior official told Hindustan Times.

“Agneepath” became a train journey, 340 affected across the country, 234 had to be canceled

Opposition targets Modi government
Opposition parties attacked the Modi government in protest of Agnipath’s scheme. Congress and the National Congress Party (NCP), allies in Maharashtra’s ruling Maha Vikas Agadi (MVA) government, called the scheme a cruel joke with unemployed youth. Socialist Party Chairman Akhilesh Yadav said the BJP thinks people go to the army to get jobs, in fact, young people go to the army with a sense of patriotism, but what do they know who did not even participate in the freedom movement. On the other hand, the head of AIMIM, Asaduddin Al Owaisi, has directed severe insults to the Modi government over the new army recruitment scheme, Agnipath. He held the Modi government responsible for the violence in many parts of the country regarding Agnipath, and Owaisi appealed to the Prime Minister to withdraw the scheme.

I didn’t expect to meet so much opposition: Navy Commander
Admiral R Hari Kumar’s big statement came against Agnipath’s plan. The Navy chief said he did not expect such large-scale violent protests over the plan. Speaking to news agency ANI, the navy chief said: ‘I did not expect any such protest. We’ve been working on the Agneepath scheme for about a year and a half…’.

The Minister of Defense, the Minister of the Interior tried to address the concerns of the youth

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Federal Home Minister Amit Shah and Army Chief of Staff General Manoj Pandey tried to allay concerns about the conscription scheme, but angry youths caused a commotion in railway buildings in many places carrying bricks and sticks and various highways were closed in cities and towns. Railway officials said 340 train operations were affected and 234 trains canceled so far. Officials said the protesters had so far set fire to seven carriages. Demonstrators damaged wagons of three moving trains in the East Central Railway district and an empty carriage in Kulhariya in the same district. He said a train carriage standing in line for washing in Palia, Uttar Pradesh was also damaged. So far 64 trains have been stopped before the destination in the ECR area.

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