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go and cook food bjp maharashtra chief chandrakant patil says on supriya sule

Controversy has been raised over the statement of Chandrakant Patel, head of the Maharashtra unit of the BJP, about Supriya Sule. Patel sparked controversy by saying that instead of staying in politics, Supriya Sule would “go home and cook”. The NCP responded strongly to this statement. Supriya Sule is an NCP MP and daughter of NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar. Patel’s remarks came on Wednesday during a protest by the BJP’s Mumbai unit to demand the reservation of the OBC in the local body elections.

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What did Chandrakant Patel say after all?

The Supreme Court recently allowed reservations for OBCs in local body elections in Madhya Pradesh. Sulli then said that he called Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan during his visit to Delhi, but did not give details of what he had done to get approval for the reservation. Maharashtra has Maha Vikas Agadi’s coalition government led by Shiv Sena, of which Sule’s National Congress Party is a major component. During the BJP protest on Wednesday, Patil targeted Sulli, saying, “Why are you (Sulli) in politics, just go home and cook. Go to Delhi or to the cemetery, but give us OBC reservation. Despite being a member of Lok Sabha, How do you not know how long it takes to meet the Prime Minister.

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Strongly objecting to Patel’s comments, the NCP’s women’s wing attacked him. Head of State Vidya Chavan, without naming Patel, said that the man who ran from his seat by cutting off the MLA woman’s card is an insult to a member of Parliament who has been awarded the Sansad Ratna Award twice (for good performance). granted. “We know you believe in Monsmerity,” he said, “but we won’t be silent anymore.” The NCP leader said, “(Patil) should learn to make roti so that he can help his wife at home.”

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Supriya’s husband said – I’m proud of my wife

Remarkably, Patel, who is based in Kolhapur, ran for the 2019 assembly election from the Kothrud seat in Pune, where the ticket of the then BJP, Medha Kulkarni, had been cut. Sadan and Sol, Supriya Sulli’s husband, also criticized Patel’s comments. He wrote on social media, “It is the BJP Maharashtra unit head who is talking about Supriya. I have always said that they (BJP) are misogynistic and whenever there is an opportunity to insult women. He said, ‘I am proud of my wife who is a housewife and a mother. A successful leader and one of the many other hardworking and talented women in India.This is an insult to all women.

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