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Goa conference crisis Dinesh Gondu Rao attacks digambar kamat and bjp – India India News – ‘Operation Kamal Failed’, says Dinesh Gundu Rao

The crisis that began in the Goa Congress is not over yet. Meanwhile, the state in charge of the party targeted the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and called it a “failed operation Kamal”. Besides, he also made major allegations against the former Prime Minister and Congress leader Digambar Kamat. On Sunday, the party’s top leaders were out of contact. After that there was speculation that they might change their positions.

Speaking to News18, Rao said, “We know who our loyalists are and who the defectors are.” He said the BJP made another attempt but failed miserably. ‚ÄúDespite the pressure, our guys and MLAs are for the first time together. The plot lasted for a month, but our MLAs kept sticking to themselves.

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He alleged that legal aid agreements were lobbied from many places including mines, coal and industries. According to reports, Rao confirmed that Congress has 7 MLAs. He also said that four leaders are not with the party. These include the names Michael Lobo, Digambar Kamat, Kedar Naik, and Delilaya Lobo. “It is a shame that the BJP has descended to attract the power of money and ministers,” he said.

accused of destroying Congress
Rao says the BJP will not stop until the end of the Congress, but we will also fight to the end. He said, “One of their agendas is to dismantle Congress. They won’t do that with the AAP or any other opposition party. His fight is with Congress. They guarantee the opposition is Mukt Desh or Goa for this, but that won’t happen because Congress is still a strong party with loyal cadres. It will take 20 Another year to build a strong opposition party in India and thus the BJP is looking for an opportunity to stamp out the opposition.

He said: The Kamal process of the BJP failed. They tried but they didn’t work. The Congress leader explained that the BJP, like Maharashtra, planned to split the party into two-thirds and raise the number from 25 to 33. “Then the BJP became 33 out of 40 and they would be free from the opposition,” he said. He also alleged that BJP leaders who had been in contact with the Congressional Legal Assistance Office not only talked about money, but were also intimidated by ED and income tax raids.

Kamat attacked again
Kamat and Lobo are believed to be responsible for this crisis which started in the Goa Congress. And about Kamat Rao said: Why is he sad? Didn’t he call the MLAs and say Congress is over? Wasn’t it Congress that made him Prime Minister and then took the throne for a full five years? Even after his defeat in the election, Congress offered him the position of President of the State Congress. She was also in denial and now claiming that they felt bad? ‘

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