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The Supreme Court upheld the clean order given to then Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 Gujarat riots. On Saturday, Federal Home Minister Amit Shah demanded an apology from those who accused Modi during that time. At the same time, he compared Modi’s questioning before the SIT and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi in front of the emergency department in gestures.

In an interview with ANI News Agency, Home Minister Shah said, ‘Modi ji did not go in front of SIT pretending he comes to support me, he comes from village to village, if not then call MLA, call MP, ex-MP call me.

The Directorate of Enforcement has questioned Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in a money laundering case related to the National Herald. With the interrogation beginning on June 13, Congress workers and leaders demonstrated fiercely in many cities of the country including Delhi. At the same time, a large number of workers gathered in the streets to support the leader of the Congress party.

Why did the BJP not incite Modi?
During the interview, the question was raised about the BJP’s reaction. Shah said, ‘We believed that at least we should cooperate in the judicial process. There is a Supreme Court order, and the SIT is working. If the SIT wants to put questions to the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister himself says that I am ready to cooperate, what a movement. There is no one out of justice in us.

The Minister of Interior said that during that period there was no harm even to my arrest. After the ruling from the Supreme Court, Shah said the taint of the BJP had been washed away. At the same time, he demanded an apology from Modi’s accuser.

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