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Gyanvapi An atmosphere of fear is created in the ruling in which the judge wrote that the family is concerned for my safety

The Varanasi court on Thursday issued its ruling on the petition to clear the Gyanvapi mosque which is adjacent to Kashi Vishwanath temple and to change the court commissioner. While delivering the verdict, Civil Judge Ravi Kumar Dewakar put the district administration’s role in the dock. During this, he wrote many of these things into his decision which indicates that district officials were not doing their part properly. On the second page of the judgment in several pages, he wrote that an atmosphere of fear is being created around Gyanvapi. The fear is that my family worried about me too.

The survey will also be conducted inside the Gianfapi Mosque by opening the basement

He wrote in the judgment that the commission’s procedures are a normal process. In most civil cases, the court panel process usually takes place. The commissioner of the court was rarely questioned. An atmosphere of fear was created by making this simple civic affair very simple. The fear is that my family is always worried about me and my family. My wife has to worry about my safety over and over again when I’m out and about. The mother also expressed concern about my safety in Lucknow yesterday. He knew from media reports that I was probably also going to the site as a commissioner. My mother forbade me to go at once as a commission. The mother also said that this might threaten my safety.

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Shock to the Islamic side, the survey will be conducted before May 17

In its judgment, the court wrote that the commissioner only partially dealt with the commission’s procedures. That is why it is not right to question the commissioner of the court. The court questioned the working style of the district administration and police officers, and also expressed its dissatisfaction. The order stated that had the police and the administration cooperated while entering the mosque immediately, the survey would have been completed today. The court expressed its displeasure that no written statement was given on behalf of the district administration and the police commissioner during the hearing. At the same time the security of the plaintiff’s and the opposition’s lawyers has been enhanced. Police personnel have been deployed for security.

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