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Hardik Patel resigns from Congress Chicken sandwich criticized at Rahul Gandhi’s battered resignation speech

Hardik Patel resigned from Congress on Wednesday and criticized Rahul Gandhi, who introduced him to the party in 2019. Hardik shared the resignation letter sent to Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Twitter and informed that he had resigned from the party’s core membership. Referring to the chicken sandwich in his resignation, he said the Gujarat Congress leadership was more concerned with ensuring a “chicken sandwich”.

In fact, Rahul Gandhi was on a visit to Gujarat few days ago. During that there were reports that he might meet “Furious” Hardik Patel separately. However, this did not happen. Hardik Patel wrote in his resignation letter: “Whenever I meet the senior leadership of the party, the focus of leadership seems to have been on my mobile phone and other things more than listening to the problems of the people of Gujarat and the party. The country was in trouble or if the Congress was in dire need of leadership, the Our leaders were outside.”

Satire on Rahul Gandhi!

Hardik Patel wrote, “It hurts when workers like us travel 500-600 km a day at our own expense, go in public and then see that the top leaders of Gujarat are concerned with people’s issues. Far from it only cares whether the leader is from Delhi got Chicken sandwich on time or not.

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Congress is trapped in Ayodhya CAA-NRC

Hardik wrote, “Whether it is Lord Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya, the CAA-NRC issue, the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir or the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax, the country has wanted to solve these problems for so long and the Congress party has only been in this, and it has continued to Acting as a hindrance, be it in India, the country, Gujarat or the Patel community, the position of Congress on every issue has been limited to opposition only to the central government.

Congress has been rejected by the people in almost every state of the country because the Congress party and the party leadership could not even present a basic roadmap to the public. The lack of seriousness towards any issue in the senior leadership of the Congress Party is a big issue.

Hardek raised questions about the top leadership

Hardik wrote in his resignation letter, “The behavior of the senior leadership towards Gujarat, as if they hate Gujarat and Gujarat. How can Congress expect the people of Gujarat to see it as an alternative? Even if we went, everyone said the same why are you in such a party, which only insults Gujaratis? In every way, whether it is in the field of industry, whether it is in the field of religion, whether it is in the field of politics.”

Hardik Patel may join BJP soon

According to media reports, the Patidar leader from Gujarat has been in contact with the BJP leadership for the past two months and is likely to join the party within a week. According to reports, the BJP leadership wanted him with them, and after initial resistance, the party’s Gujarat unit agreed.

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