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Haryana mla kuldeep bishnoi may join bjp party very soon. Sources say it all htgp

The Congress on Saturday removed Kuldeep Bishnoi from all party posts for allegedly taking a “cross-vote” in the Rajya Sabha elections. On the other hand, there is now speculation that Bishnoi may join the BJP very soon. Haryana’s political corridors await Kuldeep Bishnoi’s next step after his expulsion from the Congress party, but BJP sources are confident that he may join the party very soon.

In fact, in Haryana, the MLA Congress party kicked out Kuldeep Bishnoi from the party. In the Rajya Sabha elections, Congress MLA Kuldeep Bishnoi held a “cross vote” in favor of Karticeya Sharma. Presently, Congress Party leader Kuldeep Bishnoi has been angry with the party’s top leadership for a long time.

He was already close to the BJP leaders!
In a report quoting BJP sources, the Daily Tribune reported that Bishnoi used to meet BJP leaders for a long time and also met Prime Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Only then, was the market heated debate over whether Bishnoi would join the BJP. Meanwhile, he was publicly expelled from the Congress party after he “voted for” independent candidate Kartikeya Sharma in the Rajya Sabha elections.

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Join the “conditions” in the final stage!
According to the report, the sources said that the “conditions” of his joining the BJP are in the final stages. However, Bishnoi can continue as an MLA even if he changes parties. The sources said that if Bishnoi decides not to resign from his seat and continues to operate as a legal military group, a petition for disqualification can be submitted to the Haryana assembly chairman.

Trying to launch a son’s career
According to the information, he is keen to launch the political career of his son Bhavya Bishnoi. Bhavya ran for the 2019 Lok Sabha election of Hisar on the congress ticket but did not win. The sources said that Bishnoi may step down to start his son’s career and may get another position.

The BJP denies talk of a deal
However, the BJP, on the other hand, said that no “deal” had been made behind the scenes and that Bishnoi would join the party “unconditionally” due to his belief in the party’s policies. The BJP Chairman, OP Dhankhar, said that so far he has not placed any condition regarding his intention to join the party.

The Congress on Saturday sacked prominent party leader Kuldeep Bishnoi from all party posts for allegedly making a “cross-vote” in the Rajya Sabha elections of Haryana state. According to KC Venugopal Secretary General, Sonia Gandhi has relieved Bishnoi of party responsibilities with immediate effect, including as a special invitee to the Congressional Action Committee.

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