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High Court Comments of Nupur Sharma, Renuka Chaudhry’s attack on BJP attacks – India India News – Congress leader Nupur Sharma

Nupur Sharma news: Nupur Sharma, who commented on the Prophet Muhammad, was severely reprimanded by the Supreme Court. The court asked him to appear on television and apologize to the whole country. Not only that, the court made a strong observation that you are not in danger, but the entire country was threatened by your statement. Not only that, the court said the situation that has arisen in the country today, your statement is behind the incident that took place in Udaipur. Because of this people were provoked. Now the political parties are starting to react to the strict Supreme Court’s pronouncements.

Nupur withdraws application after reprimand from SC, may head to Delhi HC

Congress leader Renuka Chaudhry has cornered the BJP leadership on the matter. He said only the BJP senior leadership should apologize by hanging their ears over this whole thing. Renuka Chowdhury said, “Will the BJP not apologize in this matter. This foundation was laid by it. The BJP should apologize to the minorities in the country. They must hold their ears, or else your situation will be like this.” The BJP turned the woman into A scapegoat.Isn’t there a man in the BJP who should come forward and apologize?These people should die by drowning in water.

Returning to Udaipur, he requested an apology on TV; What did the Security Council say when angry at Nupur?

Renuka Choudhary said what Nupur Sharma said was wrong. Is the BJP irresponsible and shunned. Sometimes you move on and learn to accept the truth. I thought there were men in the BJP, but perhaps none of them. Prior to Renuka, Congressman Rajya Sabha Pramod Tiwari targeted the BJP. He said: Now at least I apologize to the country Nupur Sharma. The Supreme Court said something important which is why Delhi Police has not taken any action so far. Now the BJP’s senior leadership must apologize for this. He did the work of setting the country on fire through his spokesman.

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