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Himachal Pradesh elections 2022

Ahead of assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, the BJP is seen trying to maintain and augment the political clan. It is reported that the party started the mission of “Gar Wapsi”. Now this party initiative is seen as an attempt to reach out to those who have left the party. Elections are likely to be held in Hill State by the end of this year.

Recently, some of the top leaders who left the party have returned to the BJP. These include the name Chetan Pragata. Pragata had run by-election from Gopal Kothkai as an independent candidate after his father’s death. During the 2017 House of Representatives elections, he was expelled for anti-party activities.

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Apart from them, Urmel Thakur has also returned from Hammirpur. At the same time, the BJP also succeeded in bringing Aam Aadmi party leader Rakesh Chaudhry from Kangra to the party. The special thing is that Choudhury left Congress and went to the AAP.

According to a News18 report, experts say disaffected leaders have also been re-enlisted due to fear that some people may leave the party. The report quoted sources as saying that the BJP had been anticipating a possible exit of some leaders from the ticket race.

The special thing is that Indu Verma, wife of former BJP Chief of State Khimy Ram and BJP MLA Rakesh Verma, recently joined the Congress. Since then, the party and its leaders seem cautious about leaving the party.

In the important meeting held on Wednesday, several senior officials including Prime Minister Jay Ram Thakur, Head of State Suresh Kashyap, former Prime Minister PK Dumal, Secretary of the Organization Pawan Rana, members of the Rajya Sabha, Indu Goswami and Sikandar Kumar, participated in the important meeting.

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